Safety Shoes Kings KWD 912 X
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11 Nov 2019
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Safety Shoes

Specification of Safety Shoes Kings KWD 912 X

Sepatu Safety Kings KWD 912 X

Sepatu Safety

King’s Safety Shoes

- Anti static.

It is important for those who often work in environments that are sensitive to static electricity, ensuring your shoes are anti-static.

- Water resistant.

So your shoes are waterproof, impermeable to water, suitable for you who are sometimes in a wet or muddy environment, or also you make sure when your shoes rain it will not be a problem.

- Abrasion resistant sole.

Indicates that the soles of the bottom of the shoe can be durable, or can be interpreted as the soles are not easily bald / worn / used up.

- heat resistance.

Make sure your shoes can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees Celsius.

- Sole resistance to oil and acid.

This means that the soles of these shoes are resistant to oil or oil or also acid (acid). So oil or acid will not enter this shoe. It also means that the soles of this shoe will not be easily damaged by oil or acid.

- King’s safety shoes also Make sure your shoes have toe caps that can withstand up to 200 joules of pressure. This means that these shoes can provide protection against the toes from a load of 20 kg of load dropped from a height of 1 meter.

- penetration resistance steel midsole.

Make sure your feet are safe from dangerous objects that might penetrate ordinary shoes. This protection can withstand pressures up to 1100 Newton. with the steel soles at the bottom of your shoes making safety shoes can really protect the soles of your feet.

-Extra wide toe cap.

A type of toe cap that is wider than a standard toe cap, will make your toes more comfortable because of more space.

- King’s shoes indicate that your safety shoes have met the S2 standard according to EN ISO 20345.

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