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Gloves Safety Isolation Regeltex
Gloves Safety Isolation Regeltex
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17 Aug 2019
United States
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Specification of

Gloves Safety Isolation Regeltex

Our Full Range Of Insulating Gloves For Live Working Complies With The Specifications Of The European Standard En 60903:2003 And The International Standard Iec 60903:2002.
Likewise, Our Production Is Subjected To A System For Ensuring Ec Quality Of Production By Means Of Monitoring To Implement Article 11B Of The 89/686/Eec Directive Relating To Personal Protective Equipment Which Classifies Insulating Gloves For Live Working In Category Iii (Mortal Risks).

Jual sarung Tangan Regeltex Isolasi

Summary Table


ClassLengths AvailableCategoriesThickness
In Mm *
Sizes AvailableColour Of Packaging
0028/36 CmAzc0.58-9-10-11Beige
036/41 CmAzc1.08-9-10-11Red
136/41 CmAzc1.58-9-10-11White
236/41 CmRc2.38-9-10-11Yellow
336/41 CmRc2.98-9-10-11Green
441 CmRc3.69-10-11Orange


*Obtaining The Category Authorises An Additional Thickness Of O.6Mm
Signification Of Category Letters :
A : Acid - Z : Ozone - H : Oil - C : Very Low Temperatures - R : A Z H

Electrical Requirements (Routine Test And Sampling Test In Alternating Current)


ClassMax Operating Voltage(Volts)Proof Test Voltage(Volts)Withstand Voltage(Volts)
005002 5005 000
01 0005 00010 000
17 50010 00020 000
217 00020 00030 000
326 50030 00040 000
436 00040 00050 000


- Ln The Choice Of Class, It Is Important To Define The Network Nominal Voltage Which Must Not Exceed The Maximum Operating Voltage. For Multiphase Networks, The Network Nominal Voltage Is The Voltage Between Phases.
- The Test Voltage Is The One Applied To Gloves During The Individual Routine Tests.
- The Withstand Voltage Is The One Applied During The Validation Tests After The Gloves Have Been Conditioned For 16 Hours In Water And After A 3-Minutes Test At The Proof Voltage.


Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

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