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Biosystems Multipro Gas Detector
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24 Nov 2019
United States
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Biosystems Multipro Gas Detector Features & Specifications

Easy One-Button Operation -- 
The Mode Button On The Front Of The Multipro Controls All Day-To-Day Functions Including

- Scroll Through Current Gas Readings, Max, Ste And Twa Screens
- Initiate Fresh Air And Span Calibration Sequences
- Turn On The Backlight
- Access To Advanced Menus

Sensors & Calibration --

- Three Sensors And Up To Four Channels Of Direct Detection. O2, Lel, And A Choice Of Co, H2s Or Duo-Tox Two Channel Co/H2s Sensor
- Field Replaceable Sensors
- One Button Auto Calibration
- Calibration Due Reminder
- Sensor Span Reserve Indicators For Predictive Maintenance
- Compatible With Iq Controller And The Multipro Iq Express


Alarms -- 
- Warning, Danger, Stel And Twa Alarms
- Bright Led Alarm Light
- Loud Audible Alarm 92Dba At One Foot
- Vibrating Alarm Optional
Optional Slip-On Motorized Pump --
- Software Controlled Pump
- Powered By Multipro Battery
- Automated Pump Leak Test Whenever The Pump Is Attached To The Instrument
- Automatic Switching Between Pump And Diffusion Modes.

Data --
- Automatic Event Logger Stores Information For 20 Events Including Sensor Type, Max And Average Readings, Time And Duration.
- Standard Black Box Recorder Stores More Than 40 Hours Of Instrument Readings .
- Upgrade To A Full Datalogging Instrument At Any Time For Easy And Convenient Downloading To A Pc.
- Built-In Irda Port For Easy Communication With A Pc

Long Battery Life --
- Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Provides Up To 22 Hours Of Use In Diffusion Mode And Recharges In Less Than 5 Hours.
- Alkaline Batteries Provide Up To 22 Hours Of Use Between Battery Changes

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