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Master Lock Type 487
Master Lock Type 487
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Specification of Master Lock Type 487

- Outward/Inward Rotation Allows For Easier Application & Storage
- Surrounds The Electrical Plug And Protects Against Accidental Reconnection
- Patented Rotating Design Allows For Easier Installation In Confined Space Applications
- Complete With High-Visibilty Permanent Safety Labels (English, French & Spanish)
- Tough, Lightweight, Dielectric Zenex™ Thermoplastic Bodies Withstands Chemicals
- Performs Effectively In Extreme Conditions (Temperature Range -50°F (-46°C) To +350°F (177°C))
- For Electrical Plug Sizes Up To 2-1/4" Diameter X 3-1/4" (5.7Cm X 8.2Cm) With Cord Dia. Up To 3/4" (1.9Cm) (Most 110 And Many 220-Volt Plugs)


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