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Euromed O2 Emergency Case
Euromed O2 Emergency Case
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24 Nov 2019
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Specification of

Resuscitation, Acd-Cpr, Oxygen, Suction, Intubation, Injection, Infusion, Dressing Materials.


Measurements 520 X 380 X 170 Mm.Weight Ca. 12 Kg, Empty Ca. 6,4 Kg.


Manufactured From 1,5 Mm Aluminium Alloy With A Transparent Anodized Finishing. All Edges And Corners Have Additional Aluminium-Welded Shock Absorbers, Thus Ensuring The Solidity, Durability And Long Life Potential Of The Case. Two Case Shells Connected With A Lever Breech-Mechanism, Which Is Encapsulated In A Rubber Sealing To Keep Out Dust And Water. Convenient Carrying Handle, Lever Fasteners That Can Be Lead Sealed And Adjustable Rastflex-Partitioning-System.

Top Case Shell Is 45 Mm Deep. Contains Rastflex-Compartmental-Dividers And A Transparent Acryloyl Inner Lid With Magnetic Locks. The Varioflex-Ampoule-Storage-System Houses 32 Elastic Ampoule Grommets In 6 Colours With Corresponding Colour Bands For Lettering. Bottom Case Shell Is Ca. 125 Mm Deep. Contains Rastflex Compartmental-Dividers And Guedel Airway Holder. Screened Lettering 'Emergency' With Coloured Pictograms Of The Function Groups.


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