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Ambu Uniman
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Specification of Ambu Uniman

Department: Industrial Safety  
Category: Medical First-Aid Equipments

The Ambu UniMan is a single manikin alternative to the Ambu MultiMan. It is an inexpensive option with all the well known and sought after Ambu features, e.g. hygienic system and monitoring capabilities.

Easy transport and storage due to compact and lightweight concept. Hygienic system, as the Ambu UniMan enables training with a face piece/head bag.
Look - Listen - Feel. Just as in real life, ventilation can be seen and exhalation through the nose and mouth can be felt and heard. Compression depth indication (a moveable band indicates correct (green) and incorrect (red) depth of compression). Airways open only when head is correctly hyperextended

- Size 50 x 25 cm.
- Hygenic system: Yes.
- Adjustment of the chest stiffness: No.
- Weight: 2 kg.
- Ventilation indicator: No, but the chest rises.
- Compression indication: Yes (moveable band) Datasheet Spare Part Drawing DFU

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